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Happy Monday! Haven't talked in a while. Looks like you are very busy since I don't see your tumblr updated as often. What's going on in your life?

Very busy, yes! Currently I am cooking a turkey and withering away in a pool of sadness due to what is known as finals week. How have you been?

Are you coming to town for the M3 concert this year? This is Henry.

Hi, Henry! I’m not sure how long this message has been sitting in my inbox (so sorry), but no, I won’t be. Unfortunately it falls during my final exams. :(

16, 17, 51, and 56. ^_^

16. What is your favorite sex act? Probably being bent over something, with varying levels and forms of aggression thrown in. 

17. What if your least favorite sex act? I’ve been sitting here thinking for five minutes and can’t come up with anything. Shrug. Wasn’t a big fan of urine-involved acts which I tried once for an ex (don’t judge…), but not really complaining.

51. Tell us a true story about your sex life. I am happy that my sex life has essentially never slowed/ceased since losing my virginity three years ago.

56. What is the sexiest song you have ever heard? This is tough, and I’ll probably think of better ones later, but here’s some: Wicked Game - Chris Isaak. Need You Tonight - INXS. I Touch Myself - Divinyls. Do You Mind? - The xx. Little Red Corvette - Prince. Pour Some Sugar on Me - Def Leppard.


58. How big is too big? Ha, I’ve only been with three men and none of them were pushing any extremes, so it’s hard to say. Vaginas are pretty adaptable though, so don’t worry about it too much.


11. How often do you masturbate? Not really anymore, but that’s because I get to have sex on a daily basis.

13. Have you ever had a “friend with benefits”? No, though I’ve done the ex-with-benefits thing. Doubt that counts, though same principle.

42. What are your hard limits? Nothing involving animals or disfigurement, I guess. I’m willing to try most things.

69. Insert your own question or rant here. I’d rather have sex and sleep all day than celebrate Christmas. Christmas is a fucking depressive pain.

You're gorgeousss

Thank you, I appreciate it. No need to be anonymous, though!

Youre beautiful

Thank you. You certainly are as well. :-)

That’s what you’re supposed to do

Yes, and I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed it! But now I will probably enjoy my Genetics and Physics finals even less… 

One of those razor things ment for getting stickers off windows might work. If you don’t have one of those then something else that comes to a fine edge could work to get under the sticky tack.

I used an ice scraper (ha), so all of the tack itself is gone, but a blue stain still remains in its place. I attempted to use nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol for the stain, but stopped upon noticing that was just going to remove the paint as well. :( This is more difficult than it should be. Thanks for the advice!

You're so gorgeous :3

Thank you very much! You’re so kind! :~)

you are my tumblr crush

That happened to my friend Matthew today as well, and he isn’t even in Honors. :/

I found out that the appointment confirmation email contained the wrong location, and they never contacted us to let us know there had been a location change. ;( UT is a silly place.

i think your hair is cute.

Thank you. I think your baldness is cute.

I love you. *hugs*

I love you, too. I hope you have had a good week. :*

What is the topic of your paper? As someone who greatly enjoys your writing (style and content), I'd be very interested in hearing more about your work.

It’s for a class that focuses on Native American literature and activism. The topic for my paper is a response to a prompt centered around environmental issues. It discusses how concerns for the natural world don’t correlate with stereotypes we often have for Native Americans (the “earth warrior”, for instance), how communities and individuals are impacted beyond damage done to the land and the economy (primarily dealing with emotional trauma), etc. The main point is the existence of environmental racism and the pain it causes, because these are people who are being taken advantage of and treated in ways that other groups would not be. I appreciate your interest. :~)